The book entitled Bratislava – Portrait of a City and Country presents the capital city of Slovakia. Not just as a city boasting a rich history, fascinating architecture and rare monuments (see chapter City), but also as an attractive place to live with a bright future. We would like to show you the quality and rich lifestyle that can be had here thanks to the variety of cultural and unique natural characteristics (see chapter Life). This high level of quality is definitely thanks also to its immediate surroundings with historic towns, numerous castles and chateaux and stunning nature, meaning its environs divided into regions with their own special character (see chapter Environs). What’s more, as the country’s capital, there is no lack of iconic places that in the eyes of Slovaks best represent the country (chapter Slovakia). 

In producing this book, we threw expense to the wind, with the only real criterion being to create a top quality work with a strong reference value. To achieve this, we employed the very best photographic and aerial equipment available and many of the shots were only possible under adventurous conditions. The aim was to create the most up-to-date book that gives a good representation of the country. That’s why it was essential to complete the book in the shortest possible time. Saying that, the photography took almost two years. Unlike many other books that draw on existing picture databases, the exact opposite approach was adopted in our case. Firstly, a concept was created together with design, then individual pages were filled with the photographs, which were produced respecting the special requirements of this publication. Thanks to the latest technologies, it was possible to determine in advance when, in what light conditions and from which angle and vantage point a specific motif would be shot. This was followed by an on-site inspection, with us only returning once the preselected conditions were in place. 

I believe that my relationship to this country and the positive energy and belief in its success will be felt on every page of this book. My wish is that this book help promote a positive and aesthetic image of Slovakia by way of as many people as possible, whether buying it for themselves or as a present. I would like to see it make its way out into the world, but also for people to have it at home to remind them not only of what previous generations achieved, but also what we are endeavouring to achieve today, and our responsibility to make Slovakia an even more valuable place for our children’s future. 

Format:  width 295 mm, height 240 mm
Number of pages: 196
Languages: Slovak, English, German
Binding:  V8, hardcover
Finish: dust jacket with matt laminating
ISBN: 978-80-89159-61-1
EAN: 9788089159611

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